Your words carry power

Words transform lives

Every child holds a future victor, but it’s up to us.

Choose your words carefully

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Foremost, this is a platform for children. Joseph Coston cannot think of anything more important than a child’s flourishing. Everything we do must come down to a child’s better good, development, and spirit.

The way we shape our youth starts with the words we use. Words are powerful. The younger the child, the more powerful words become; the more impact there is from what we say––and don’t say.

Joseph Coston bio

Joseph Coston is a motivational speaker and certified personal goal strategist. He specializes in helping those with low self-esteem develop a more positive self-perception, so they can have the confidence to GET up, GET out and Go for what they want. He calls it “Taking care of the daily three Gs.

Joseph is in love with the idea of people being the best version of who they are without kicking themselves in the butt on the days they fall short and celebrating the days they excel.   

Above all, he is a dedicated father of nine adopted children. His home has served as his classroom for almost 20 years and is where he feels he has gained most of his practice.

The knowledge came from the incredible individuals who fostered him. He is a CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocate) volunteer for New Jersey. He holds 2 degrees and is currently pursuing a Master’s Degree in Psychology, focusing on trauma.

He is beyond dedicated. Even before having his children, his mission has been to help youth find their happiness. Joseph firmly believes that life is good when children are good, and we still have so much work to do as a society.

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Key Note
Talk is far from cheap––every word counts! This keynote will take you on an impactful ride with Joseph. He invites you into how the important people in his life cared for and raised him. At one point in his life, Joseph realized that there were certain words, sayings, and expressions that he would recall and rely upon at certain times of his life. As he puts it, words that helped him overcome obstacles, words to remind him of his strength, and words that saved his life. Joseph applied much of this in raising his kids, whose early beginnings were not necessarily optimal. He demonstrates how we talk, how kids listen, and the possible impact of those words on a child. Joseph can customize this talk to meet the needs of the kids you hope to inspire.
Breakout Talks
What they’d say! These are shorter breakout sessions that will inspire you as an influencer. In isolated moments from his keynote, “Talks is cheap––every word counts,” Joseph discusses verbal cues to encourage your child.

Do you want to hear how your words can make a kid bulletproof? You can also learn that in a cloud of uncertainty, with your words, your children can be sure of two things––that they are unique and forever loved.
“Good Luck, and Don’t F it up!”
A workshop that will allow you to home in on your expression and word style that you can use to impact your children, students, and mentees.

Simple yet effective exercises and open discussions will put you in both places, the agent (you) and the affected (the child).

Past clients

Joseph is an amazing goal strategist! He really helped me sort through issues that had been troubling me for years. We worked out a set of attainable goals that I can focus on and I can already see improvement. He took the time to make sure I understood how to implement our new strategies and I feel more positive about my future than ever before.
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