Nine adopted children

My partner and I have nine adopted children. As a parent to many, not just many but all who have suffered severe physical and emotional neglect and emotional, physical, and sexual abuse, I have had to learn a lot. We had to work hard at reversing so many negatives embedded into our children’s heads––some put there by their biological parents, some put there by mean people at school who lacked compassion for what these kids had been through, and perhaps ideas they put there themselves from previous ridicule, shame, and berating that had eventually resulted into low self-esteem. 

a completely different path

My life has taken a completely different path. It has led me to obtain a Master’s in Clinical Mental Health Counseling and find more significant ways to advocate for children. As much as I have inspired my children, I take tremendous honor in saying that my children have pushed me and challenged me to work toward being a better version of myself every day for the greater good. Part of this means helping kids grow stronger mentally and giving parents additional tools to put their kids on a successful path–particularly in today’s current climates where social media, bullying, and discrimination exist. 

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